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Hello, I hope you’re having a wonderful day! On this blog, I talk a lot about personal, business and brand growth. I’m one of the Two Fly Guys, a media production company. Our services are divided into two main silos. One of those is videography for weddings, and the other end is focused on commercial videos. Our approach to videography in business is to offer non-canned, creative production with the aim of going viral. Videos like our rap video, “Grandmas Eat Sushi for the First Time” and our continuing You Got Served series are some of our bigger hits. It’s our mission to create compelling content that can take our clients to new heights!

Check out how Ross and I got started with the company here!

Community Engagement: Larry Edition

One of our earlier videos that really popped with people back in 2018 was We Love Larry. Larry made a name for himself in the ‘Boro as an iconic Walmart greeter. What set him apart was his exuberance and friendliness that actually had people wanting to stop, converse and get to know him. We decided to invite him over to Soyumi for an interview and review of our food. Check it out below and let me know if we should do interviews with any other stand-out locals!

We love Larry

Everyone loves our favorite Walmart Statesboro door greeter, Larry! This past week we had the opportunity to go out and meet him for the first time, hear his story, and of course get him back to the restaurant to let him try some of our favortite dishes. Check out this video to learn more about the guy who constently goes above and beyond to put a smile on everyone's face.

Posted by Soyumi Asian Kitchen on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Smashing Our Way into the Statesboro Community

Years ago, I had the opportunity to attend the video game convention Blizzcon. It’s all about the games that the company Blizzard Entertainment makes like World of Warcraft. When I saw the amount of people in line to go to this event, I was truly amazed by the passion people had for this company. That’s one of the first times I realized the strength and potential of building a brand.

I’d had the idea of hosting a video game-focused event of our own for a while, but it was only recently with the major launch of Smash Brothers Ultimate that we decided to pursue it seriously. We advertised the tournament assertively on both social media and by passing out flyers in the restaurant and in key parts of town (on campus and in game stores). We came up with event-appropriate cocktails that would be served exclusively such as the Kandied Kirby and Legend of Link. Several team members worked on ensuring we had the infrastructure and setup necessary to make the event run smoothly. Anticipating high turnout, we chose to have it as a late night event to not disturb customers during our normal business hours. It was the right call, because Soyumi was totally packed that night.

It didn’t necessarily pull in a lot of money, but engaging with the community and building publicity is really win-win and kills two birds with one stone. We’ve had several people ask when the “next event” is. There’s nothing to announce right now, but if it’s something you want let us know!

Serving the Dream

The other week I was driving down the street with my window rolled down, and someone yelled to me “You got served!” It’s an awesome feeling when stuff like that happens and lets me know that our efforts are worth it.

We recently served our friends at Three Tree Coffee Roasters. These are the sorts of reactions I love to see:

Check out the video below and look forward to another episode of You Got Served in the near future! Peace!

Flying by

Do what it takes to build your brand, and have fun with it along the way. I stopped by Bulloch County’s Airport Day to produce a little content. Don’t stop for nothing!

You Got Served!

You Got Served is a video series we’ve been putting out for a few months. The concept is simple: We take a platter of sushi, and go to businesses and organizations around town and “serve” them a free lunch. We pick ones that we have nice things to say about, do business or that have a lot of positive vibes.

Aside from just being a fun thing to do, there are lots of pieces to it that work together to make it a success. It’s a great way to spread the word about Soyumi through the program itself, word of mouth and especially through social media. We can introduce sushi to some people who haven’t had it before. And there is relatively little investment on our end.

Our most viewed video currently is a You Got Served video with Anderson’s General Store that has about 200,000 views. We’re talking about four times the population of Statesboro, GA, which is really phenomenal and goes back to what I’ve mentioned before on the power of social media.

A big part of this is engaging with customers and the community. You can leave a comment on our videos, like and share the page and you have the opportunity to decide who the next business to get served will be.

I want to give a shout-out to Davis Marketing Group — Scottie Davis, who I had a chance to talk with while rehearsing for Statesboro’s Dancing with the Stars. I totally credit her for the idea to start this program. We are constantly innovating and planning community events like this, so I was absolutely on board with this concept.

Check it out!

You Got Served 006 : a Soyumi Production

Welcome to another episode of You Got Served! A series that allows us to serve a complimentary lunch to businesses in our community!This week we stopped by Anderson's General Store of Statesboro. Their phenomenal customer service and huge local brand is just hard to miss. Thank you, everyone, for tuning in and commenting! We read every single comment and your support has been great! Be sure to tag the business that you think we should serve next!See you soon!!

Posted by Soyumi Asian Kitchen on Monday, March 4, 2019

The Hustle, the Grind

What up ya’ll! People who know me know I’m all about the hustle. It is super important to me that I live up to my potential. I don’t think you can understate how helpful it is for personal growth to put your all into everything you do, even small tasks. Even dancing when you don’t know how to dance.

Let me say a few quick words about Ray, the Puerto Rican barber here in Statesboro. I always like speaking to him. I’m also really busy a lot of the times, so one time I said “Ray, when’re you gonna give me a haircut? How early can you do it?” And this man literally cut my hair at like 6 in the morning. There’s no reason he had to do that. He owed me nothing. But to me, that is something so rare and valuable. When someone shows me that they grind for their values and work, I respect it a lot, and I strive to be respected for it too.

I sometimes get asked if putting in 110% all the time gets stressful or exhausting. I think perspective and state of mind is huge in preventing that. Self-confidence leads to better results which leads to more self-confidence. People talk about burnout, but I don’t believe in burnout. It’s a crazy fast-paced way to live that requires sacrifice, but so rewarding.

Back to the grind!


Last year, I was reached out to from Kim Billings (PR director for Safe Haven) and Brian Realiza (choreographer/dancer). I grew up in the area, so I was asked if I wanted to participate in Dancing with the Statesboro Stars — a huge organization and fundraiser for Safe Haven. I’d never danced before and was kind of on the fence, but decided to go with it. I had an amazing partner in Stephanie Viness. I began to practice every single day.

We were able to come up with a concept that won the whole thing! It was a great experience that showed how important self-confidence and effort is. And it had an impact. I still dance every day. It’s become a part of who I am. I talk a lot about self-expression. My staff will tell you I’m dancing all the time now, and it’s become part of how I express myself outside of music, business, food and such.

Check our our moves!

Adam & Stephanie

2018 DWTSS Judges Choice Winners

Posted by Heritage Video on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Quick Shout-out to My Man Gary

Sup ya’ll! Hope you’re having a wonderful morning.

If you know me, you’ve probably heard me talk about Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s a social media expert and life coach kind of guy who, to me, shows a lot of real authenticity that I haven’t been able to find with other entrepreneurs out there. He on top of what he talks about, very knowledgeable about the things he wants to say. On top of that, he’s totally honest and will admit when he doesn’t know something. He’s able to really communicate the essence of who he is and has so much good stuff to say about how to find success in anything.

Check him out.

Food is Family

I owe so much of my success to my parents. Thanks to them, I understand work ethic, how to carry myself, and that nothing is impossible to achieve.

These are big shoes to fill. One thing that pushes me is that I don’t want to live in their shadow for the rest of my life, so part of why I work so hard is to prove to people that I had my part in the overall success of the world.

Check out my Food is Family video over on Facebook:

Food is Family

Quality food is at the heart of why we do what we do. At Soyumi, food is more than just a meal to share with friends. It's rooted within our genes. Through it all, one thing is still true to this day. Food is Family.

Posted by Soyumi Asian Kitchen on Thursday, June 7, 2018