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Flying by

Do what it takes to build your brand, and have fun with it along the way. I stopped by Bulloch County’s Airport Day to produce a little content. Don’t stop for nothing!

The Hustle, the Grind

What up ya’ll! People who know me know I’m all about the hustle. It is super important to me that I live up to my potential. I don’t think you can understate how helpful it is for personal growth to put your all into everything you do, even small tasks. Even dancing when you don’t […]


Last year, I was reached out to from Kim Billings (PR director for Safe Haven) and Brian Realiza (choreographer/dancer). I grew up in the area, so I was asked if I wanted to participate in Dancing with the Statesboro Stars — a huge organization and fundraiser for Safe Haven. I’d never danced before and was […]

Food is Family

I owe so much of my success to my parents. Thanks to them, I understand work ethic, how to carry myself, and that nothing is impossible to achieve. These are big shoes to fill. One thing that pushes me is that I don’t want to live in their shadow for the rest of my life, […]

A Story of Hard Work

My mom grew up in Taiwan without a lot of money. My grandfather, the breadwinner of the family, passed away in a fishing accident when she was still an infant. In Taiwan, growing up without a father figure was extremely difficult. My grandma had to become the breadwinner and take care of the kids at […]

Life Reflections of Adam Tsang

Hey guys and gals! Who am I and how did I get where I am? Allow me to answer! The current chapter of my life began when I moved back to Statesboro to run a restaurant called the Saucy Shrimp. I made the decision to return to Statesboro because it was time to be back […]