Making Soyumi Stand out From the Rest

There’s a ton of competition for Asian cuisine. And for whatever reason — maybe it’s a cultural thing — they love trying to offer the best deal through whatever means possible, which can decrease the quality of the products that are put out. I personally hate competing on price, and aim to make Soyumi more of an experience and community presence than just a place to get good food. It’s about so much more than trying to make a profit, but about having a positive impact for everyone involved.

We have been bringing metropolitan style events to town that this area doesn’t usually see much of. When we introduced our liquid nitrogen ice cream, we had the opportunity to partner up with the Girl Scouts in an event that allowed visitors to mix their cookies with our new product. Things like this and our beer tap takeovers are an effort to bring new culture to the city.

Restaurants are a dying breed: if you look at the Statesboro market, you’ll see a majority of them are these big chains. It’s because chains have a lot of built-in advantages: Brand recognition, structures that have already been set up, and all you have to do is open a book and read A-B-C to get them up and running. But what I’m really gearing towards with Soyumi is a more special, unique market. I think people appreciate what we’re doing for Statesboro and we’ll continue to aim to be a must-visit local hot spot.

Teaming up with the Girl Scouts… so yummy!

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