Bringing out the Best in a Team

Let me talk a little bit about my management style as a boss.

What is more important to me than maybe anything is pushing my employees towards their passions and to see them grow. I want working for me to be more than a 9-5 experience that is done for the money. As I get to know people better, I try to identify the areas they excel it in and try to help them figure out ways they can challenge themselves to improve. Empowerment is important.

Two Fly Guys, a company I co-founded, was born out of the Saucy Shrimp. Ross Barnett was one of my hosts at the time, but he had interest in video work. I said, “hey, why don’t you take this project on?” We worked together and found out that there was something there. We started making videos under the Two Fly Guys brand. And now I have this company with Ross so that whatever my next business is, I have a way to advertise it.

Taking an interest in your employees’ potential and dreams is more important than micromanagement and can lead to more and better opportunities for everyone.

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