Use What You Know

A lot of people probably think that I went to school for business. It was actually computer science. How is that applicable to what I’m doing now with my restaurants and other projects? It’s actually very relevant.

When a point of sale comes in with website stuff and other technical projects, I speak their language. I’m able to handle certain enquiries without having to waste time getting a middle man involved. But the true benefit of my degree is really more of the flow of logic. In CS, you are responsible for taking this kind of raw energy and then using planning and critical thinking to mold it into the shape you need to perform a task. I view business in much the same way. And it helps because I really believe in thinking ideas through and digging deep into them — having an execution plan, an endgame and stuff like that. Getting excited about vague or half-baked ideas is fine, but you need to be able to look at the whole picture and envision the way the entire thing will flow.

A college degree should be more than a piece of paper you use to get jobs. Find a way to use it in your every day life.

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