The Power of Social Media

Social media is underestimated in the grand scheme of things. A lot of businesses will maybe slap up a Facebook page that nobody ever sees or maybe not even have a social media presence at all. In the modern world, that’s just a waste.

First off is the advertisement opportunities it provides. You want to be where people’s eyes are, and social media is used more than ever. But it also lets you provide better customer service and connect to people in a way that isn’t possible with traditional advertising. We get messages with people asking questions and providing feedback all the time. If we’re being honest, nobody wants to pick up a phone and call for that kind of thing. Having a good team to work on our online presence really helps us connect to the community in a lot of ways.

Here’s a rap video we did for Soyumi that got a lot of attention and is the sort of fun thing we try to do to stand out. Shout-outs to Ross Barnett for doing amazing video work and editing for us:


Welcome to Soyumi.Credits: The Man, The Myth, The Server: Ian HeidlerAsian Rapper: Adam TsangMusic video produced by TwoFlyGuys MediaBreak Dancer: Devon AllStyle ThompsonSound Engineer:

Posted by Soyumi Asian Kitchen on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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