I talk a lot about how much my teams support me. Part of finding the right people comes from my interview process. There are countless ways to conduct an interview, but here is a look into my approach:

When I first sit down with someone, I always ask them to tell me a little about themselves. I want to figure out how self-reflective this person is. There are certain signs I’m looking for. A lot of the times they’ll start squirming. If they jump towards work or their personal life, I go with that and try to dig deeper and figure out what’s important to them.

After that’s done, I’ll talk a little about their work history including their strengths and weaknesses. Everybody likes to talk about their strengths, but the answer I’m more interested in is what they say about their weakness. An honest response that shows self awareness is good and can help me figure out how this person operates and what matters to them.

I wrap up by asking about the person’s dreams for the future. If they aren’t sure, I want to help them figure it out so that I can best work with them while pushing them in that direction. I want to find people that are driven and have loyalty and something that they want to be a part of. Talking about the person as a person and not as a list of achievements on a resume is more meaningful for both of us. Continuing to nurture the team and working relationships matters too.

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